Client Testimonials

What do our clients say about us? A lot of really nice things!

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The following reviews are for Rainier Vet Seattle.

February 2018

“I like the doctors and staff. Thanks.” —Yong, 2/1/18

December 2017

“I think you all are great, and the new furniture helps, but the physical plant is so old and unappealing that I’d have to give a ‘fair warning’ to anyone I’d refer. I know there’s nothing you can do about the age and state of the building, and certainly hope that somewhere down the line you have the financial support to rebuild. Until then, I’ll still be a loyal client.” —Nina, 12/28/17

October 2017

“We really like your clinic so far after two visits. We would have appreciated going over side effects from vaccination while we were there not just on paper, but besides that our experiences there have been great.” —Dylan, 10/15/17

September 2017

“Overall very accomodating of needs. Vet bills always seem high, but I think they are standard with other veterinary clinics in Seattle. The doctor and staff were all great!” —Michael, 9/11/17

“I love your prices and your staff and the kindness you give to your four legged patients but I think the office could be improved.” —Lisa, 9/26/17

July 2017

“Make a clone of Dr. Bolotin? Haha She has been a wonderful addition to the team and I have nothing but the highest praise for her work and dedication!” —Misty, 7/11/17

May 2017

“I’ve always had compassionate, practical and affordable care at Rainer Vetrinary Hospital. Thank you!” —Lauren, 5/9/17

“We have taken Lilly to Rainier vets for her 18 years . Now she elderly[,88 in human years ] they still care and respect her and us. Lilly is now on palliative care .We took her as she has developed a lesion in her mouth but we don’t want her to have surgery just be comfortable and be able to eat.Dr Cassidy and the tech respected this wish not pushing us to do a biopsy.We opted for an antibiotic injection just in case it is an infection[but doubt] and gave us analgesia to go home with .” —Pamela, 5/8/17

“Great team of caring professionals! I always know I’m leaving my pup in good hands.” —Mac, 5/6/17

“I appreciated the phone call from Dr. Bolotin to update me on the procedure. The staff showed a lot of love and concern for my little dog Pansy. I felt safe leaving my beloved pup in the care of the Rainier Veterinary team. Thank you!” —Lindsay, 5/4/17

“Very kind people!!” —Chuck, 5/2/17

“I love you all so much. You always take great care of my dog and work with me and my concerns. I never feel pressured for unnecessary tests but am given options and candid recommendations. I’ve been taking my dog there for eleven years and even with the changes of hands the clinic has maintained it’s spirit of animal welfare. I recommend everyone to you. Thanks for all you do.” —Kimberly, 5/1/17

“We have loved our experience with Rainier! Itza has been quick (for her) to warm up to the staff. ” —Nelson, 5/1/17

April 2017

“Love everyone at Rainier Veterinary Hospital. Very kind, helpful, and compassionate. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and the all get the very best of care at Rainier Veterinary Hospital. They are also very good and helpful in referring you to a top notch specialist for your pet when needed too.” —James, 4/27/17

“I appreciate how enthusiastic all of your staff are to see each pet patient and try to make them feel at ease. And I appreciate the comprehensive information I always get from the vets and techs and the time that you all take to answer questions and discuss all the options for treatment.” —Andrew, 4/21/17

“Thanks for helping my hyper-nervous puppy calm down and accept the medical attention. You guys are great.” —Thomas, 4/16/17

“Awesome place. They’re very attentive and will take great care of you! Love how they’re on a first name basis with your pet ” —Jaime, 4/15/17

“I. Love the Rainier veterinarians. This is a place that lets you know they will care for your pet. Every employee there is informative and treats you and your pet as part of their own family. ” —Roger, 4/14/17

“Both Dr. Beestman and Dr. Cassidy have treated our cat with gentle, thorough, confident professionalism….Thanks so much for the great help!” —Charles, 4/13/17

“The best veterinary office ever!” —Susan, 4/13/17

“Great hours and friendly helpful staff” —Margaret, 4/10/17

“Always a great experience!” —Lauren, 4/9/17

“Always great service with a friendly staff that loves our pups! We love Rainier Vet!” —Jason, 4/9/17

“We really appreciate you seeing us on such short notice. I was really worried about her. As always, the care was excellent.” —Barbara, 4/2/17

March 2017

“Everyone always seems to really care about our pets and does their best to put them at ease. We appreciate it!” —Laura, 3/29/17

“The staff were all great- they knew how much I love my cat and treated her well. My cat came out of surgery as well as could be and they were clear about her post-surgery instructions. Great experience.” —Samantha, 3/29/17

“Excellent Care! Thank you.” —Jan, 3/25/17

“Always very friendly and helpful. Very welcoming and accommodating with our nervous dog.” —Octavia, 3/21/17

“I know that whenever I drop Snorky for boarding, or when I bring her for her wellness exam, or when she’s sick, that she’s in great hands and I don’t have to worry. She loves coming to the Hospital because she knows that everybody there loves her. The staff are very welcoming and genuinely caring! Thanks for everything. In addition to all the care, It’s one of the very affordable veterinary hospitals as well as very reasonable boarding prices.” —Mona, 3/17/17

“I always enjoy my visits to Ranier Vet. Hospital. We’ve been working with them for over thirty years. Always straight, honest, kind, and sensible.” —Charlie, 3/14/17

“Very lovely animal love!” —Mary, 3/13/17

“I adore all of you! The care and concern you show for BOTH my puppy and myself are admirable.” —Kristen, 3/13/17

“The office is a little run down. Other than that, the staff and vets are what make it great. I was happy to see that the doctor who got bit by a dog and was afraid of our cat (he almost ran under the table) was gone. Dr. Beestman is fantastic, thorough and fast. Appreciate it and would recommend!” —Derek, 3/12/17

“I am always impressed by the care and consideration every member of the staff shows when dealing with my anxious cat. At every stage of his care there’s a thoughtfulness and efficiency that really goes above and beyond. Thank you so much!” —Max, 3/12/17

“We have been coming to this office since 1976. I feel our concerns are addressed thoroughly. We have complete confidence in the staff dealing with our dogs. This is a great pet hospital for the care of your pets.” —Cindy, 3/5/17

February 2017

“We have used Rainier Vet Clinic for many, many years and are very satisfied with the quality of care.” —Kathy, 2/27/17

“The hospital has improved so much over the past 10+yrs. It is very clean and inviting. Dr. Cassidy, the vet assistant, and front desk were all very welcoming and cheerful when we were there. I also commend that you make sure services are top notch and affordable, and you are open daily.” —Disney, 2/20/17

“You guys are the best! I’ve been bringing my cats here for almost 20 years. Thank you for everything you do. ” —Maria, 2/19/17

“Everyone there has been very kind to me and my pet.” —Scott, 2/16/17

“Everyone who works there is wonderful.” —Shandon, 2/14/17

“Rainier vet is awesome!!” —Kristin, 2/13/17

“We love you guys!” —Katherine, 2/13/17

“I have then bringing my pets to Rainier vet for over 35 years and although the doctors have changed I am still very happy with their service. I adopted my present cat from the Rainier Vet shelter and they have taken good care of her since. I always recommend Rainier Vet to all my freinds with pets!” —Angela, 2/12/17

“Thank you Dr. Cassidy.” —Brooke, 2/12/17

“You all are wonderful! I sent my neighbor to you; Wendy Vann and Eli Eigenhoyer with O’Ren. They were as impressed with the care you took with them and their baby. Thank you in all ways and completely. Thank you!” —Teresa, 2/10/17

“Very nice and helpful. You all make Nova feel at ease. We’re nervous doggie parents and your gentleness with her puts us at ease too. Thank you!” —Naomi, 2/9/17

“Always so pet-centered. And so genuine. Best vet I have ever worked with!” —Ken, 2/7/17

“Staff are warm and caring. ” —Kay, 2/7/17

“Thanks everyone for loving on Fred and putting up with me while he was here!!” —Colleen, 2/6/17

“I’ve been bringing our numerous pets to Rainier Vet for 26 years; they are the best! Every veterinarian I’ve had over these years has been thorough in their assessments and exams and sensitive to both the animals’ needs and owners concerns.” —Margaret, 2/1/17

January 2017

“have no bad experience and always friendly staff…” —Dolores, 1/29/17

“Everyone very personable and helpful.” —Rita-Lou, 1/26/17

“Costs are somewhat high.” —Susan, 1/26/17

“I liked the fact that the nurse and Dr. Nicholson recognized that Mayo’s anxiety was one that could be somewhat alleviated by allowing her to stay in my arms. Sorry that she’s such a nervous dog about visiting the vet!” —Jan, 1/25/17

“Rynn’s vet was the best!! Very sweet and knowledgeable. Had a great experience :)” —Caitlin, 1/21/17

“Let me make an appointment for Cub to be seen the same day and treated him with excellent care. Thank you RVH, definitely will be back!” —Angela, 1/15/17

“Great staff and doctors! Always great care for my dog Tiffany!” —George, 1/11/17

“Myrtle (my not very friendly dachshund) visits every 3-4 weeks for toenails and gland business and everyone is always so amazing to us both. Everyone knows Myrtle by name, are always so excited to see her, and your charming front desk ladies are going to win her over any day now — I can feel it. Everyone is friendly, courteous, prompt, kind, and helpful. I have recommended RVH to everyone I know, and will continue to do so. I am especially appreciative of the Saturday & Sunday hours. As a retail worker I know working weekends SUCKS, but am also so thankful hours and appointments are so flexible. As you can tell — I’m a big fan! Thanks for all you do.” —Margaret, 1/11/17

“Thanks for your help Thursday, and for not jumping into doing lots of tests, interventions. I took him home for observation and little by little Edgar got better on his own and boy are we relieved. Don’t know what caused his spell of seemingly neurologic problem, but we’re just grateful it has ended!” —Stacy, 1/7/17

“Everyone very friendly, helpful and took great care of our dog.” —Peter, 1/6/17

“The staff is very caring and provides good information during our visits.” —Erin, 1/4/17

“Great appointment!” —Dawn, 1/3/17

“Thank you. Your staff and drs. are always so friendly and take the time to explain. Buster and Trixie seem to be better already and not scratching.” —Colleen, 1/3/17

“You all are always so loving towards Scout and take so much time with each patient. I never feel rushed out and all my questions get answered.” —Julie, 1/1/17

“You guys were awesome to work with and superior in the care, concern and well being of Mickey. We’re so glad that your clinic was referred to us and we’ll definitely refer you to others. Thank you to all of you.” —Judye, 1/1/17

December 2016

“I love the staff at Rainier Vet. Dr. Cassidy is wonderful with my cats – Madeline and Eloise. I’m grateful for their excellent services and care. I also love that they are open every day. Happy New Year to the Staff!” —Alicia, 12/31/16

“We usually have a wonderful experience at RVH. Been taking my dogs there since 1982 when just Dr. Kadner and Dr. Heino were there. Then there was Dr. Susumi, and along came many others who have been kind. Only one person was unkind to me at RVH and it wasn’t a dr. Dr, Kung in recent times and Dr. Beestman have been great with Aksel, as well as with us. Victoria is the best and there are others there who go out of their way to be kind to me and my precious four legged children. I guess coming there for 34 years about sums it up! I love it there and always feel at home and cared for. We had two of my three dogs sent to the Rainbow Bridge there, and sad as it was, I knew they were in good hands. Keep up the good work! I recommend you all the time! Happy Holidays!” —Linda, 12/30/16

“It was such a relief to be able to get Lulu into your clinic on Dec. 24 – I was sure you’d be closed on Christmas Eve. She’s improving and the holiday weekend was much nicer thanks to your help!” —Carolyn, 12/25/16

“Prompt appointments and service. Most important: they really care about my pets! I’ve enjoyed interactions with two doctors and three staff people here over the past 6 months. I no longer live nearby, but continue to come here because they are quite good.” —Marilyn, 12/13/16

“Thank you so much! ” —Naomi, 12/13/16

“Colleen was wonderful and I was seen right away!! Thank you! Jodee” —Jodee, 12/10/16

“I have been for over 45 years!” —Nina, 12/8/16

“Dr Beastman is very empathetic and professional.” —Pamela, 12/8/16

“Loved meeting Dr Cassidy. Had a very good appt, with good discussion on care for a ailing aging cat. Thank you for your support and appropriate level of care suggested. And for the follow up email. Excellent.” —Cindy and Gwendolyn, 12/7/16

“I appreciate the time that was spent answering questions and examining and the suggestions for both of the cats care. I have utilized your services since the 1980 for all our pets.” —Gwen, 12/7/16

“This the most convenient vet office I have ever heard of. The staff and doctors are very friendly and helpful” —Margaret, 12/5/16

“I have always very much appreciated the high quality care that Rainier Vet has provided my various pet family with over the years. I cannot recommend your business enough!” —Kristen, 12/3/16

“We’ve been taking all 4 of our beloved furry critters to Rainier Vet Hospital for years. The staff and doctors there are top-notch — they always provide loving, quality care. Highly recommended!” —Kendra, 12/2/16

“Love Rainier Vet. Have recommended this place many times.” —Shontina, 12/1/16

November 2016

“Staff were very friendly and accommodating for my dog’s needs” —Liza, 11/15/16

“I appreciate you answering my questions over email – diabetes is super complicated so it’s helpful to have guidance through this.” —Sierra, 11/14/16

“Excellent communication and very knowledgeable and friendly staff!” —Dwinson, 11/12/16

“The staff are very friendly and Hank is treated very well. He even seems happy to be there, once I let him out of his crate.” —Ryan, 11/11/16

“Dear Dr. Beestman, Dr. Cassedy and all the very kind and professional people we met at your hospital. We are out walking again and I have learned to have more patience with my very best freind when he is feeling sore. I cannot express the joy and pleasure that comes into my life when his mood recovers from the doldrums. Thanks for your advice and wisdom. I am happy that I have found a place that provides us with such expert care. Please keep us on file! Sincerely yours, Anne and Dakota” —Anne, 11/5/16

“You guys are the best!” —Jen, 11/3/16

“The veterinarian who cared for Ruby was fantastic. She went the extra mile, also patiently answered all of my many questions to my satisfaction. I feel like Ruby and I hit the jackpot when we started going to the Rainier Veterinary Hospital. Thank you!” —Bronson, 11/1/16

October 2016

“Thanks so much to the vet (can’t remember her name) on Sunday for being reasonable with re-prescribing Mometamax for Katie’s ear infection that came back. Saved me a significant amount of money by not insisting on the full review of her condition. I’m a bit short of money lately so that was appreciated. Your clinic is great. Love the old school décor.” —Alastair, 10/31/16

“I’ve been a client since 1997!” —Chris, 10/27/16

“Very Happy with Rainier Veterinary Hospital all the Staff are Very Warm and very Friendly – Display legitimate Care and Affection toward my Pet – It very Nice to Experience” —David, 10/25/16

“Staff are always super caring for all animals. Their love for their work shines.” —Michael, 10/21/16

“I love Rainier Vet. All the techs and vets are very kind and compassionate. My only constructive comment would be if they could set up an online ordering for prescription refills. Thanks for everything.” —Lara, 10/20/16

August 2016

“The staff that work there are great they take so great care of My Lucy when I bring her in. Thank You to all the staff for caring” —Cori, 8/17/16

“I’ve brought my cat in twice and always had excellent and friendly care. Thank you.” —Summerlea, 8/16/16

“I refer people all the time thru….unfortunately I doubt they come in to tell you who referred them so the referral “prize” never gets claimed by me :(” —Dawn, 8/14/16

“Shanaynay and I have been with RVH since Dr. Cliff was there. The vet care is excellent and the assistants are wonderful. The price is affordable and I am kept informed about my pet’s health and needs. Bonus- RVH boards too. ” —Victoria, 8/14/16

“Love you guys!” —Maria, 8/10/16

“I really like this clinic. I have been bringing my cats here for 10 years and have always received excellent service at an affordable price. Thanks!” —Mary Ann, 8/10/16

“At Rainier Veterinary Hospital the staff actually get to know your pet. They really care, and it shows in the way they communicate and recommend the best treatments for any situation. Our dog actually likes going to the vet!” —Donald, 8/9/16

“I always feel very secure and confident that my cats are getting excellent care when I bring them in. Thank you.” —Deena, 8/7/16

July 2016

“I love Rainier Veterinary Hospital! The staff is so friendly and helpful and it’s relatively low priced for the myriad of services they offer! 8/10 would recommend. ” —Alex, 7/31/16

“I’ve been bringing my babies to you for almost 22 years and rave about you to everyone!” —Misty, 7/30/16

“You have always taken great care of all our animals through many years. Thank you!!!” —Colleen, 7/30/16

“I’ve been going to Rainier Vet for a long time and generally like it very well. Sometimes things seem a little slower than I’d expect with the appt system, but not a huge deal.” —Kim, 7/27/16

“Love Rainier Veterinary! Been going since Dr Heine was the Vet!” —BJ, 7/26/16

“Thank all of you for your help with Little Missy’s eye. Seeing us so rapidly, Dr. Beestman being so kind and concerned and knowing what the issue was. Everyone who shared pictures of Lady Snoops from the girl’s recent dental visit. I greatly appreciate everyone’s kindness when we were so worried. Thank you Barbara” —Barbara, 7/25/16

“Thank you for fitting us in for Emme’s surgery on such short notice. The staff was very professional, yet personable and friendly, and knowledgeable. It’s scary to bring your kitty to a new clinic…especially for surgery. Everyone was great! Thank you for such a positive experience! :-D” —Lucinda, 7/25/16

“Your staff are all very friendly and helpful! Only suggestion is to update patient owners when doctors are running late for appointments. Some pets get increasingly anxious while waiting and it’s helpful to know how much longer the wait will be.” —Katy, 7/23/16

“I recommend you to everyone I know in my (Mount Baker) neighborhood. Buddy the Dog does the same thing.” —Don, 7/23/16

“I appreciate the caring the staff demonstrates. I do wish things ran a bit more on time. My appointment was for 9 am, and was not checked in until much later. Saw vet at about 9:30. Thanks.” —Paige, 7/23/16

“Everyone at Rainier Vet is so friendly and takes extra time to help me and my pets, including texting me photos of my dog after surgery to show me she is okay. I love everyone at Rainier Vet and would recommend them to anyone.” —Rebekah, 7/22/16

“I feel great confidence in the care we receive. Every one is so great. ” —Scott, 7/21/16

“Very happy with services received. Have recommended you to a couple of neighbors who now use your services too! Bonita Williams (and Sophia & Teka!)” —Bonita, 7/20/16

“I love Rainier Vet Hospital. And Colleen Beestman is great. The only thing I find somewhat frustrating is I always seem to have to wait 20-25 minutes beyond my appointment before being seen by the vet. So we sit in a room waiting. and then it always seems to take an inordinate amount of time to get checked out, even when it doesn’t seem to be that busy. If you could improve that, our experience would be very near perfect.” —Mark, 7/20/16

“Everyone there always takes very good care of our pets. Grace, I think, loves you all the most.” —Neil, 7/19/16

“You folks are great we appreciate you helping us.” —Paul, 7/12/16

“Staff is friendly and well-informed and they really like my cat. Would gladly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a vet hospital. Highest rating-excellent place!” —Shawn, 7/12/16

“Love you guys! Always super friendly and great handling our dog. Only one very minor criticism. The dark wall color and tile on the floor always make the place feel a bit dirty. Even though I know it is very clean, you can’t achieve the same effect the usual bright hospital/vet interior. Your staff more than makes up for it though!” —Ellen, 7/10/16

“Friendly & efficient staff & the vet we met with was knowledgeable & communicated information well. Our cat is in good hands!”

“My wait was a bit long today — about 30 min.” —Russ, 7/6/16

“You have been my family Vet since 1982. I absolutely Love you guys, you have Always taken the best of care of all of my pets, Okie, King, Princess, Zeus and Titus. Thank you!” —Janis, 7/5/16

“i really love this vet!” —Derek, 7/1/16

“Paisley loves coming in for visits! ” —Garrison, 7/1/16

June 2016

“I always recommend Rainier Vet to anyone who is looking for a new veterinary practice. Love you guys! Pat, Lola and Blue.” —Pat, 6/30/16

“Great service! Took great care of my dog. Friendly and considerate staff. Efficient flow around the appointment. We’ve been using your services for nearly 20 years and it is great.” —Amy, 6/30/16

“i felt like the vet and vet tech were very professional, listened to me, responded to all my concerns and questions, made good eye contact, had good manners, and i walked away feeling like my cat got good care. i also enjoyed talking to all the other pet owners in the waiting room. ” —Samantha, 6/29/16

“Our visit was an end of life one for a treasured dog, but we were treated well, with patience, kindness, and good explanations. ” —Alex, 6/27/16

“have been coming to RVH since 1982 with my first dog, the Beagle. Followed by Rocky the chocolate Lab, Dodger the black Lab, and now Aksel the yellow Lab. Have always had good experiences with the staff and vets. thank you for taking care of my dogs! ” —Linda, 6/27/16

“In my opinion, the best animal hospital in Seattle with a long history of caring for our beloved pets. ” —Donald, 6/26/16

“Shanaynay and her family thanks all of you! We’ve been with Rainier Vet since Dr. Cliff’s days!!” —Victoria, 6/24/16

“I actually just ran into a neighbor at the grocery store and recommended Rainier to him! Thanks for taking such good care of Tallulah.” —Katherine, 6/22/16

“I always feel like Pippa and I are well cared for and appreciate the depth of knowledge among the staff. ” —Fai, 6/21/16

“Love Dr. Cassidy! She is SO great!!” —Amanda, 6/11/16

April 2016

“We have been to Rainier Vet quite often recently with our old dog, Sammy, and everyone is very kind and helpful. Dr. Choy has been extremely helpful. She is a great communicator and doctor. We know we are in good hands.” —Karen, 4/14/16

“As usual, we just had a great visit. We have a 17yo doxie who is (all of a sudden) showing her age, and a 7yo rescue doxie who has some issues. The staff are really awesome with both dogs, and our attending vet was wonderful. She took her time with both dogs. We were also seen rather quickly this time (there’s usually a bit of a wait, but that just gives us a chance to meet the other patients). I have nothing negative to say!” —Judy, 4/4/16

“Our doctor was amazing and the staff was excellent. A great and personal experience as always. I truly feel like Rainier Veterinary Hospital cares about me and my little furry babies.” —Lauren, 4/4/16

“You all continue to be wonderful, both as caring individuals regarding our four animals but also to us as their human care givers.” —Adam, 4/4/16

“I thought Dr. Choi was wonderful. She explained everything thoroughly and we are now having to think seriously about how ease Lola’s pain and gum health. Everyone was caring and kind.” —Aimee, 4/3/16

March 2016

“You gave wonderful care for Donald and it’s great to know you’re there if anything happens in the future. It’s peace of mind to know I can board either cat given my travel schedule.” —Dan, 3/27/16

“I appreciate the opportunity to express my deep appreciation for your expertise diagnosing my cat with food allergies. I have sought a solution to her ‘finicky’ eating habits for several years. Already, I have seen a marked improvement in her demeaner and healthy elimination due to the prescription diet you recommended. Thank you very much and I am sure Sophie would say the same.” —Rachel, 3/25/16

“We really appreciate your week-end hours!!! So thoughtful and understanding of us working folks 🙂 ” —Bonita, 3/24/16

“We have been taking two of our cats to Rainier for seventeen years. Friendly, caring and professional vets.” —Pamela, 3/21/16

“This is a really good clinic! I appreciate how sweet you are with my cat, and your willingness to take my finances into consideration with treatment. Thank you!” —Terri, 3/18/16

“I appreciate your professional yet caring attitude toward me and my pets (Max the dog and Smokey the cat). I feel they are in good hands. Angela Owens” —Angela, 3/18/16

“For forty-one changing years you have been our go-to vet and we have always been happy. Your docs are taking great care of our kitty. She is thriving in their care. Of course we love being able to make appointments and now having Sunday available as well. Thank you all.” —Neal, 3/18/16

“I’ve been going there since Dr. Kadner. I really liked Dr. Heino and so was concerned that the type of care both of them gave might not continue. So, far I’ve not been disappointed. Though it’s different not being sure which doc we’ll get, I can say all have seemed quite genuine in their concern and knowledgeable in their care. I do like having appointments so the wait is shorter, too.” —Kathy, 3/17/16

“Love the attention to when tests are due for my Madeline and Eloise. Also love how friendly every vet and assistant is. Thank you!” —Alicia, 3/13/16

“Lovely people. Thanks a bunch. He is doing much better, yay for pick up able poop!! 😉 ” —Sherrie, 3/11/16

“I’ve been so please with all your services. Last week when I was there for shots for my dog there were two apparently homeless, or very low income, people that you were helping service their animals. It was very touching to see that your hospital works with that kind of clientele.” —Laurie, 3/10/16

“I am consistently impressed with the amount of time that the staff is willing to give me for my questions regarding my pet. I know you are a very busy office, and that your time is valuable, so I am very grateful that you are all so willing to talk with me. Thank you!” —Mike, 3/10/16

“Thank you for keeping the costs very low for us, animal lovers. I also appreciate that you are open daily and with long hours. Your staff are very nice to both humans and animals. I can tell as soon as I get in the hospital that you all love what you do. I also appreciate the ease in making appointments and the reminders.” —Disney, 3/10/16

February 2016

“I enjoy bringing Pippa there – although I’m not sure that she enjoys it – who really likes going to the doctor. Staff is friendly and efficient, and I really like the big painting on the large wall.” —Fai, 2/15/16

“We’ve had a very good experience dealing with our dog, Gandalf’s arthritis. He is now pain free, sleeps well, and is more like his old self!” —Jayne, 2/3/16

“We have come to know and love your clinic and the care given to our two cats and two dogs. We especially love Dr. Choi! The area I would like to see improved is your phone system and prescription order/confirmation methods. I have been forgotten about in the recent past after calling in a regular prescription refill. Thanks!” —Adam, 2/1/16

January 2016

“I’ve been a client for many years and am thankful for the attention and care of my ‘girls’.” —Connie, 1/29/16

“Thanks for fitting my beautiful male dog ‘Evander Holyfield’ in for a Sunday morning stitch up. I appreciate the fact you allowed me to comfort him during his injection for anesthetic. I would have hoped you’d give me a small temp sample of antibiotic so that I wouldn’t have had to do to the store with him immediately after the visit (this was difficult). I’ll let you know how the wound heals.” —David, 1/29/16

“I’ve been bringing my dogs, and the dogs of family members here since Dr. Heino. I believe I get excellent care for a reasonable price. I miss Chris, hope he comes back to work at Rainier Vet. I have had nothing but great service and I would rather have resources be spent on animal care than a new renovated waiting room for instance.” —David, 1/27/16

“I’ve been at Rainier Vet for at least 10 years. I trust them and they take such special care of my pets. I’m a customer forever.” —Larry, 1/27/16

“We love your vets. We have had 2 very ill dogs treated by your staff and we are so happy we switched over to your hospital.” —Frank, 1/27/16

“Everyone has been friendly professional and gentle with Harvey.” —Tori, 1/26/16

“Very impressed with the friendliness and prompt responses from everyone on staff here! I couldn’t be happier to make Rainier Vet Hospital my new vet!” —Rocky, 1/24/16

“Very friendly and attentive staff. Dr was thorough and explained everything.” —Tracy, 1/24/16

“Everyone has been amazing! Very likely the best veterinary clinic I’ve ever dealt with. From the receptionist, to the vet techs to the Doctor’s; when I step through your door I feel that we are receiving quality care. Even if my pup is convinced otherwise.” —Nicholas, 1/11/16

“Thank you for taking good care of our dog, Oli, on our first visit on Friday. Everyone we encountered at Rainier Veterinary Hospital seemed to genuinely care about Oli and enjoy being there. Oli had cut the pad on her rear paw, which is why I originally called you. She also needed an annual check-up. I was offered a same-day appointment for the annual check-up and told her paw would be looked at during the exam. I appreciated the efficiency of the exam and common sense approach to care of Oli’s paw. I won’t hesitate to refer Rainier Veterninary Hospital.” —Caroline, 1/10/16

“I thought you had friendly staff. I’ve bbq used your clinic years ago and like to support the smaller clinics” —Mary, 1/9/16

“Happy with vet staff but the check out takes too long! Thanks for asking!!” —Jim, 1/7/16

“I want to thank you all for your help and care of my puppy Ranger. He was really skittish and you were all so patient and understanding. Thanks to Dr. Cassidy for being thorough and explaining things clearly. I felt like we were able to come up with a plan and I felt that Ranger was thoroughly looked over. She provided a lot of great advice on caring for him, addressing more than what we came in for specifically. Even though we didn’t get to see her until about 30 min after our appointment time, she did not seem rushed with us so I know she gives good thorough care to each of her patients.” —Jenn, 1/6/16

“I have been very pleased with the services that this Hospital has been providing my pet. You have definitely put my mind at ease, and my Snorky loves to come to your offices. Everybody loves her and she soooo spoiled!!!!!!!!!!! Your services, as well as patience, and especially the prices are great and very appreciated. It was my first time using any boarding facility in Seattle, and your prices as well as the love for animals put my mind at great ease. In fact I worried that she might’ve been a handful!!! I would highly recommend, and in fact I have recommended your hospital to other friends. Thank you so much for all you do and your continued genuine care for the animals and the owners!” —Mona, 1/6/16

“I always get excellent service at Rainier Vet. The staff is very helpful and always follows up with me.” —Ron, 1/4/16

December 2015

“Rainier Vet Hospital is wonderful, compassionate, and reasonably priced. They are great to families and pets alike. I was recommended to them, and I recommend them to others.” —William, 12/26/15

“Everyone is really friendly and makes me feel like they care about my pet. Even though Dr. Cassidy was running late, she always takes plenty of time with us and makes sure we understand everything.” —Rebekah, 12/23/15

“We have three pets, a 7yo dachshund, a 10yo cat, and a 17yo dachshund. All are patients at Rainier. The doctors and staff are extremely attentive, and take great care of our fuzzy family members. The cat especially can be quite difficult. But the staff is patient and caring and really does a wonderful job, and are very polite. My only complaint (and it’s rather minimal) is that there are always long wait times, even when the appointments are first thing in the morning. We always arrive early, but end up waiting beyond our scheduled appointment time, often 10-20 minutes (sometimes longer), and then end up waiting for quite some time to check out once the appointment has ended. I try very hard to be respectful of the staff’s time. It would be wonderful if that courtesy was returned.” —Judy, 12/23/15

“Always very nice to my pup! She LOVES coming in to see doctor Choy and the rest of the staff!” —Harriet, 12/16/15

“I appreciate the great care given my dogs! I always sit in the waiting room imagining ways the space could serve all of you and your customers better. It is very awkward, especially for check in and out. Your hours extended to Sunday are very helpful, especially because I work full-time during the week.” —Gina, 12/14/15

“Excellent!” —Lori, 12/11/15

“Dr. Choy is incredible. Sincerely cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to make sure they get good care. I do feel she is a bit over worked.” —Tina, 12/10/15

“Dr Choi is my top pick at this facility.. she is very gentle towards my furbabies!” —Peg, 12/10/15

“I love that you are open on Sundays! I also love the sensitivity of the staff about my “girls” Madeline and Eloise. Happy Holidays!” —Alicia, 12/10/15

“I can’t ask for better care for my dog Apollo.” —Scott, 12/7/15

“Had a good visit when I recently brought my dog in for a check-up and vaccinations. Very short wait and a very personable vet. Good job!” —Michelle, 12/1/15

November 2015

“Fortunately you still have the nicest/knowledgeable staff around. My wifes family has taken their animals to Rainier Vet for decades. Its nice to see a small business is still around in Seattle” —Brent, 11/28/15

“My experience with Rainier Veterinary Hospital was good and I felt they did an exceptional job with my dog.” —Chris, 11/24/15

“I brought my dog in to have her nails clipped. In and out. Thank you.” —Pinky, 11/19/15

“I like the fact that our Vet was patient oriented as opposed to other Vets that are interested in upselling whatever they can.” —Trey, 11/18/15

“We recently relocated to Seattle and wanted to find a vet close to home. Rainier Veterinary Hospital is very close to where we reside, so we opted to go there to have our dog Nin examined and get updated vaccinations. Although Nin is not a fan of the vet, we did have a successful visit. The vet was very understanding and patient. She was able to build rapport with Nin using treats and get all of his vaccinations completed. She was attentive to information we provided so she could interact with Nin as easily as possible. We are pleased the experience went so well and plan to make Rainier our home for all Nin’s needs.” —Josh, 11/18/15

“I had made an appointment for two procedures (a vaccination and a nail trim). I did not ask for, or expect to get (and get charged for), an exam. If this is your usual practice, I suggest that you advise clients in advance that they will be paying for more than they expected. Thanks.” —Susan, 11/13/15

“I’ve been using RVH for 18+ years to care for my dogs. Much has changed during that time. I remain a loyal customer because of the genuine care and concern RVH staff show me and my pets – in every stage of health and life. New, contemporary furnishings or decor do not indicate compassion or quality of care. I like to think that RVH will always retain it’s homespun feel and continue to serve the community as is, without ‘up-selling’ vanity products and unneeded procedures.” —Margaret, 11/10/15

“You do not need surveys. They are a big nuisance. 1. If I was unhappy over a particular thing I’d tell you. 2. If I was unhappy in general I’d go somewhere else. 3. If I’m happy I’ll return and I’ll tell my friends so you will see your business grow. Surveys are a negative. Not need to reply.” —Benjamin, 11/2/15

“You folks are doing a great job as always and I have no suggestions for improvement. Keep up the good work and I appreciate the expanded weekend hours.” —Stephan, 11/1/15

October 2015

“I miss feeling like there is some long time expertise there. Everyone is really nice but I feel more comfortable with people who have been in the field for awhile.” —Sedora, 10/26/15

“We appreciate how you fit us into your schedule and take good care of us. And, you remember us! Dr. Choi is great, as is the entire staff. Thanks” —Adam, 10/24/15

“We love you guys. We feel like our pets are loved and well-taken-care-of. We love that we can get an appointment quickly, when needed. Also, your rates are extremely reasonable. One thing that we have noted about your clinic is the fact that the air is stagnant and stuffy. Perhaps some fans or air purifiers would be helpful. Just a suggestion. : )” —Jenny, 10/23/15

“We LOVE Dr. Choy. The basic exams and inoculations are fairly priced. The neutering is SO EXPENSIVE. We just rescued two pug brothers from Craigslist and it is almost $500 EACH to neuter. We are trying to do the right thing and aren’t even going to keep the dogs so the expenses we incur are just to ensure the safety of the dogs. We can’t pay $1000 and then find a forever home for them! Thanks!” —Kelly, 10/15/15

“We love you and so does Shadow. Thank you.” —Neal, 10/7/15

“Good service. They really care about the pet’s…” —Robert, 10/5/15

“Cleocatra and I love this clinic. It has such good charm and the prices are great. When I go there I feel like I am paying for vet services and not an expensive looking clinic. Thanks!” —Jamie, 10/5/15

“Thank you for your analysis of my MomCat’s medical issues and for not insisting that my slowing dying cat get procedures (ie. teeth cleaning, vaccinations) that are not warranted at this stage of her 16 year old life. MomCat is doing better thanks to the subcutaneous fluids and special diet and her quality of life has improved. She is a joy to have in my life.” —Ann, 10/1/15

September 2015

“Your pricing on an ultrasound is beyond my means, so Sophie Ann is dwindling without a diagnosis.” —Susan, 9/29/15

“My dog LOVES coming to see Dr. Choy! She is the best! Thanks for taking care of us.” —Harriet, 9/28/15

“It seems you’re making some improvements. Bravo for that.” —Ashley, 9/28/15

“This was an Amazing experience do to the fact that Drizzle is now apart of my house. His health is very important to me an will Love him always. The service here was Phenoninal….” —Lori, 9/28/15

“I’ve been bringing my dog to Rainier Vet for years and have received excellent care. The doctors and staff are very caring and knowledgeable. Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.” —Richard, 9/28/15

“I have been going to Rainier Vet since I arrived in Seattle in 1997. One my second doggie in 15 yrs and RVH has been there the whole way! It is important for an owner to trust who looks after his best friend with regards to healthcare.” —Omar, 9/28/15

“Dr. Choy has been tremendously help and patient with trying to diagnos my pets injury. I’m feel fortunate to have her as our Vetrinarian.” —Tina, 9/26/15

“Harpo and Bella like you too!” —Peg, 9/26/15

“Very friendly. On time for appointments.” —Scott, 9/24/15

“This ‘visit’ for me was just a phone call. Dr. N returned my call promptly and was very helpful. I’ve been with the practice since Dr. Heino was my old GSD’s vet, and am pleased with the updates and changes going on in the practice. I briefly considered moving to Madison Vet because they are open on Sundays so I’m happy to see you guys will now be open on Sundays. I support the recent price increases as I understand the office needs to be profitable, and I feel the improvements in comfort and efficiency (using email / online services when previously I had to send a fax to the vet if I wanted to leave a detailed message, opening Sunday, improving waiting room a bit) are worth it. Thank you for continuing to serve our community and furbabies!” —Cassandra, 9/22/15

“Wonderful people – wish the medications were a bit less expensive – hard to do the cost on a fixed income.” —Fai, 9/21/15

“I am frankly concerned about living my dog in your care. The first time he was returned to me reeking of feces and urine. I required that you clean him before you returned him this time which resolved that problem but he had virtually lost all movement in his back legs apparently from a lack of exercise. While this is sufficient for healthy dogs, when your patient is known to be loosing mobility your failure to understand the needs of your own patient speaks volumes of the indifference you have to each individual dogs needs.” —Sonia, 9/20/15