Puppy Wellness

Puppy Wellness at Rainier Veterinary Hospital SeattleCongratulations on your new puppy! Thank you for choosing us to help protect and care for your new addition to your family.

Our Puppy Wellness Program is designed to help get your puppy started on the right path to a long and healthy life. The first few months are a critical period in your puppy’s development, and we can give you the support and tools necessary to help him or her grow into a well-mannered, healthy dog. This support includes information and advice on nutrition, training, behavior, and socialization.

A puppy’s vaccines must be given during a certain timeframe of their life in order to maximally protect him or her. Vaccines should start at 8 weeks of age. We can further discuss your puppy’s vaccine schedule during your first appointment.

Certain vaccines are considered “Core” and are recommended for all dogs. The Rabies vaccine, for example, is a legal requirement for all dogs. We also offer additional “Non-core” vaccines that are recommended depending on your pet’s lifestyle and exposure. We do not believe in administering vaccines unnecessarily. Thus, we cater your pet’s vaccine protocol to his or her lifestyle as well as following the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) guidelines.

We look forward to meeting your new puppy! Schedule your appointment today.